Andrew is a driven, professional, self-motivated artist from the small world of Dover, Delaware, with a passion for art, design, and all things creative. He has been an artist since his early childhood and has always had an itch for designing and creating interesting characters and universes from both original and derivative narratives and concepts. After obtaining a degree in both Advertising and Multimedia Design in 2011, Andrew followed through with a childhood dream to attend Full Sail to learn 3D arts in 2012 and soon there-after became engrossed in the character and creature creation aspect of Computer Animation.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys creating new art (duh), yelling at professional athletes on TV, slaying giant monsters and stealing their gold in viritual universes, and just generally being the super-massive nerd he was always born to be. Feel free to contact him with project ideas or just to say hello -- he doesn’t bite (as far as we know...).

(This is the only time Andrew will talk in the third-person, unless requested to do so. Seriously.)

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